£500Start From
  • Two single set Performance
  • Basic studio with black and white background
  • Basic two point lighting set-up
  • Editing Not including. Capture Only.
£800Start From
  • Narrative/performance
  • Studio and Location set
  • Three point lighting
  • Basic camera system set-up
  • Only included 2 hour Editing session.
GoldBest Value
£1200Start From
  • Narrative/Performance/Green-screen
  • Studio set with Green-screen studio
  • Advance lightning
  • full camera system set-up.
  • 5 hours of editing including.
£2000Start From
  • Narrative/Performance/Green-screen
  • Prebuilt Studio set with Green-screen studio
  • Advance lightning with Pops lighting
  • full camera system set-up. will slider and Crane.
  • 8 hours of editing including.

When I needed a quick setup for a Live podcast set for me to put on Instagram. Viewvision was there to support me and get the perfect shot for my add which let me to get a life booking.

banner2P_sacha TSacha ThomasArtist-Singer, Sacha Thomas

With the professional setup the Vision was there to coach me in how to project my performance onto my first video shoot. Which allows me to take my performance to new levels.

IMG_7796Maria @AmeliaSinger, Singer

When I sat down with you Vision I had a idea which they help me to develop with a prebuilt setup which bring my idea alive. With the customised lighting and the camera movements just blew me away.

banner1M_DAMN SHAMEDelasimaSinger, Singer